Frontenac Gris  -  $14.00

Semi Dry, Residual Sugar 2%
This wine has a delicate, yet complex taste structure with notes of apricot and tropical fruit, and has an elegant, creamy finish, restrained by a refreshing crispness that makes it very food-friendly.


Brianna  -  $14.00

Semi Dry, Residual Sugar 2%
Light hints of peaches, pears and mangos Pairs well with fresh seafood, white meats and your favorite cheeses.


Marquette  -  $14.00

Semi Dry, Residual Sugar 2%
A medium bodied red wine with a little attitude! It has aromas of cherry, black current and berries with a finish of spice and black pepper. This wine pairs well with pasta dishes in addition to chicken and lamb.


Frontenac  -  $14.00

Sweet- Residual Sugar 6%
Black Berry, Black Current & Plum Flavor.  Pairs well with hearty foods such as beef, lamb, pasta dishes and barbeque. 


Concord  -  $14.00

Sweet, Residual Sugar 7%
This well balanced wine has a pleasing mouth feel and can be enjoyed on all occasions but is especially well suited for after dinner sipping. Pair it with salty salty cheeses, salads, or a light meal.


La Crescent  -  $14.00

Sweet- Residual Sugar 7%
Honey, Citrus, Apricot Sun Drenched Flavor Pairs well with salmon and cheese. 

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